Business is booming for DEI lawyers as corporate America asks ‘what’s legal?’

Simone Foxman | Bloomberg News (TNS)

The furor over corporate diversity, equity and inclusion programs has turned so explosive that it’s never been busier for specialists on the topic.

Some companies are cutting back on DEI initiatives while others are disbanding them altogether. Many more are hurriedly reconfiguring their policies, striving to avoid lawsuits from conservative activists as they attack diversity programs.

That’s led to a flurry of requests for audits from law firms and consultancies who specialize on diversity in the workplace.

Take Kenji Yoshino, a constitutional law professor at New York University and one of the country’s leading experts on DEI. He says inquiries from Fortune 500 companies have surged since June, when the Supreme Court banned universities from using race as a factor in admissions and opened the gateway for legal challenges to corporate diversity hiring practices.