George Santos vote: The three Californians against expulsion

Friday’s historic vote to expel Rep. George Santos was well over the required two-thirds threshold.

• With 425 representatives voting, 284 yea votes would have been needed. The tally was 311 yea (206 Democrats, 105 Republicans) and 114 nay (2 Democrats, 112 Republicans). Two representatives voted “present,” and eight did not vote.

• Of California’s delegation, three voted nay — Darrell Issa, Doug LaMalfa and Tom McClintock — and Kevin McCarthy did not vote. All are Republicans.

• The two Democrats voting nay were Bobby Scott of Virginia and Nikema Williams of Georgia. The two members voting “present” were also Democrats: Jonathan Jackson of Illinois and Al Green of Texas.

• Of the Republican leadership, Speaker Mike Johnson did not vote, and Majority Leader Steve Scalise and Majority Whip Tom Emmer voted nay.

Full voting record here