Taylor Swift urges fans to vote on Super Tuesday after sparking concerns for her health during Singapore show

Even from Singapore and while nursing an apparent cold, Taylor Swift was keeping an eye on events in the United States and the fact that today is “Super Tuesday,” the biggest day nationwide for primary elections and caucuses before Election Day in November.

In a post on Instagram Story, the pop megastar urged her 281 million followers to make sure they vote, though she refrained from endorsing any particular candidates. On Tuesday, millions of Americans in 15 states, including Swift”s home state of Tennessee, and one territory will head to the polls for contests that will set the stage for November’s pivotal elections on president and other state and national offices.

“Today, March 5, is the presidential primary in Tennessee and other states and territories,” Swift began her post. “I wanted to remind you guys to vote the people who most represent YOU in power. If you haven’t already, make a plan to vote today.” In this post, Swift also directed fans to the Vote.org, the non-partisan site that provides online voter guides and registration forms for every state.

This certainly isn’t the first time Swift has used her considerable influence to potentially move the needle at the polls.

During the 2018 mid-terms, the former country star spoke out on politics for the first time, endorsing Democrat candidates in Tennessee. An Instagram post, shared with her then-112 million Instagram followers, is credited with getting more than 100,000 people to register on the site Vote.org.

More recently, Swift urged her fans to register to vote in September, breaking traffic records on the Vote.org site. More than 35,000 registered on Voter Registration Day after seeing Swift’s message. For elections in November, she announced to her fans: “Voters gonna vote!” She told voters in Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia “to use your voice.”

Prior to Swift issuing her get-out-to-vote message early Tuesday, the singer was raising fans’ concern that she’s possibly nursing a bad cold. A viral TikTok video from her Eras world tour performance in Singapore Monday night has been circulating on social media, which shows her repeatedly coughing and clearing her throat as she performed her song “Delicate,” Page Six reported.

“Hope she’s OK,” commented the person sharing the video.

“You can hear a rasphy (sic) tone in her voice,” observed a second person, before saying about the seemingly invincible performer: “The show must go on…a queen.”

“I can only imagine how exhausting it must be whilst on tour giving 100 with every performance. She’s incredible!” a third person chimed in.

“She looks so tired. Hope she gets rest soon!” another agreed. “She’s working so hard. She needs rest.”

“She is so incredibly tough. I don’t know how she does these shows over and over,” one more added.